We turn your company’s strength into competitive advantage.

We analyze competitiveness and market conditions based on our clients’ organizational strength and service quality, and by maximizing the company “strengths”, we support our clients in maintaining enduring competitive advantage in target markets.


When a company is facing the need for corporate revitalization, short-term countermeasures such as financing and personnel reductions are not the only effective steps. Indeed, in many cases there is a lack of awareness on the advantages that the companies have had all along, and by reviewing such innate strengths, other options emerge. We aim at providing consulting services for the planning and executing of a long-term scenario by recognizing comprehensively the company’s strengths and challenges.

Cost Reduction

We assist the implementation of cost reduction by operational flow reformation based on a comprehensive review of the process from service development, sales, to recording revenue. The effects of the early-stage reformation measures are maintained by assuming in advance possible challenges that may arise from the reformation, and by setting up checking and improvement functions.

Sales / Marketing

We offer solution approaches unique to each client by relatively grasping the company's services and organizational advantages. With the premise of KPI installment for sales, we help our clients to maximize each index in “customer attraction", "behavior", "order intake", and "unit selling price” and maintain those figures.

Executive Coaching / Organizational Development

We objectively evaluate the staff potential and build a strategic task force for operational problem-solving. We solve the challenges the potential leaders face while they are on duty and develop their leadership in a short period. We enhance client’s organizational strength by selecting future leader candidates and coaching them in no time.


We build strong partnerships and lead businesses to success.

We jointly manage businesses through providing our know-how. We lead businesses to success by hands-on joint operation from business planning, market research to building operational flow.

Example 1: The Manufacturing Industry

We comprehensively grasp elements such as patent advantage, marketing function, and operation based on the 3C (Customer, Competitor, and Company), and together with our partner company, plan, develop and sell new products. We create and implement new business opportunities at the scene such as expansion of sales channels and effective addition of non-exclusive patent licenses.

Example 2: The IT Industry

We initiate and operate new business plans (mobile / PC) based on possibilities where company strengths and market opportunities match. We focus on the synergy of the existing businesses while aiming at improving the management of partner companies. Whether EC, portal, media, games, advertisement or any other business, we are interested in business models of all areas.


We provide investment support to promising companies in Japan and around the world regardless of business areas.

Our investment support program differs from the common venture capital ideas which aim merely at getting the invested company listed and gaining return on investment. We aim at building a close relationship of mutual trust with promising business operators whose visions we share, and to maintain an enduring mid-long term WIN-WIN relationship.

Contract / Start-up Preparation
  • CEO interview, share vsions
  • Formulate strategies for legal matters
  • Market grasping
  • Equity story
  • Organization formation (Appointment etc.)
  • KPI installation
  • Execute sales/marketing strategies
  • Optimize operation
Business Expansion
  • Increase in capital investment/tie-up
  • Foster entry barrier building
  • Proceed with brand strategies
  • Build new business
  • Alliance
  • IPO
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Business succession
  • M&A

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